Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Read my Blog, and write your own.

BLOGS are constantly gaining in popularity and it is because they are so simple to create. Blogs offer three distinct opportunities for marketeers.
The first is in the form of data collection. There is an unprecedented amount of material being uploaded by consumers and marketers are working on ways to sift through all this data to get potentially valuable information to increase sales. This trend is sure to continue as more effective search methods are created.
The second prospect for marketers is to execute highly tailored advertising through blogs. Whether it is about fixed gear bicycles or model airplanes, every blog's subject can give advertisers the opportunity to tailor ads for that very specific niche. For example; Google's AdSense network is capable of placing ads on relevant pages based on keywords in the blog's text.
The third way to take advantage of blogs is to write one. Internet users are increasingly exchanging views through blogs. Blogs promote a casual and non-aggressive style of advertising that the consumers seem to prefer these days. They allow customers to learn more about a company and perhaps even about specific employees who blog. This way, blogs can build and establish a company's identity,- an important step towards brand-building


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