Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Facebook driving mobile Net usage

A third of young people regularly access Facebook and Twitter via their mobile, a new report has found.
Facebook his more popular then Bebo, MySpace and Twitter combined, it found.
The study- into mobile usage among 16-to 35- year olds- also found that the service most youngsters wanted on their phones was the BBC iplayer. The 24- to 36- year-old age group are those most likely to buy content on their mobile phones, the report found.
The relevations will be good news to mobile operators, desperate to fill some of their revenue gaps with the money to be made on mobile internet usage. There appears to be a gender divide when it comes to mobile internet usage with twice as many men as women accessing the Web via their mobiles.
CCS insight predicts that by the end of 2009, some 44% of mobile users will access data via their handsets.


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