Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Motherboard of the year, Asus P7P55D!

When Intel introduced the Nehalem line of chips, existing dual-core and quad-core owners groaned. Not only would upgrading the processor cost more, but Nehalem based chips would require the new X58 chipset, which was pricey to say the least. With the release of Core i5 and the P55 chipset, the Nehalem went mainstream, offering chip enthusiasts the best of both worlds. Unfortunately, not all motherboard manufacturers have taken well to the P55 chipset, but of those that did, Asus Corp stands out with its P7P55D motherboard. This P55 chipset mainboard is loaded to the brim with all sorts of goodies. In addition to quad-GPU CrossFireX support, the P7P55D supports 2200 MHz RAM, the Express Gate instant-on OS feature, and includes immense capacity for overclocking and overvolting safely.