Sunday, January 17, 2010

Twitter briefly blocked by hackers

Hackers briefly blocked access to the popular internet messaging service, Twitter, steering traffic to another website last month, where a group reportedly calling itself the "Iranian Cyber Army" claimed responsibility.
Users trying to reach Twitter on that day were redirected to a webpage that had a picture of a green flag and a message that said, "This site has been hacked by the Iranian Cyber Army". There was no evidence that the hackers are actually linked to Iran. Websites like Twitter and Facebook helped bring attention to the Iranian opposition during the country's crackdown after its June elections, with users posting minute-by-minute updates and amateur videos.
Later that day, Twitter posted a message on its blog saying that its domain name systems' records "were temporarily compromised but have now been fixed," saying it will update more details "once we've investigated more fully".


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Yahoo!, Microsoft ink Web-search agreement

Yahoo! and Microsoft announced that they have finalised the details of their planned internet search and advertising partnership. The companies hope to implement the deal next year with the approval of the anti-trust regulators.
Yahoo! and Microsoft had originally planned to complete their agreement by October 27, but extended talks, "given the complex nature of the transaction", delayed the completion. The plan to ink a 10-year web-search and advertising pact was unveiled in july and promises to set the stage for a Yahoo!-Microsoft offensive against Google, the king of the lucrative search and advertising market.
Under the no-cash deal, Yahoo! will use Microsoft's new Bing search engine on its own sites while Yahoo! will provide the exclusive global sales force for premium search advertisers.


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Twitter launches mini credit card

Microblogging service, Twitter has branched into the market for electronic payments, unveiling a mini credit card swiper that plugs into the iPhone. Twitter's founder, Jack Dorsey, said that the device, the 'Square', is aimed particularly to enable small transactions, for paying "people like the babysitter, the car parker, the golf instructor".The small black square plugs into the phone's microphone, turning the iPhone into a card reader like the swipe machines widely used in US shops and restaurants.


Sunday, January 3, 2010

Microsoft revamps Bing online maps

Microsoft released a revamped version of Bing Maps with street views and other features already offered by rival Google's free online mapping service.
The Bing Maps upgrade released in beta, or test form, also boasts a gallery for applications, such as live traffic data feeds or input from travel webcams or Twitter Maps, according to Microsoft. New features include letting users zoom in or out of immersive imagery stitched together for 360-degree viewing. Bing Maps users can swoop down from "bird's eye" views all the way into buildings, according to Microsoft technical evangelist Chris pendleton. "With bird's eye, high resolution aerials, high fidelity, accurate road data plus the new addition of street-side photography and enhanced bird's eye all available in Bing Maps as map-based content, I think the game is afoot yet again!" Pendleton said in a blog post.