Thursday, December 24, 2009

Most innovative concept: True multi-GPU: Lucid HYDRA

Being a PC gamer or hardware enthusiast is a costly pursuit of happiness, and it is not uncommon to go through frequent upgrades of components. It is also not uncommon to get stuck with piles of old parts. Lucid's HYDRA technology changes that for graphics cards at the very least. Lucid has been working on a concept that allows computer users to combine two or more graphics cards to be used in tandem. What's impressive about that, you say? Well, for one, Lucid's solution combine's the processing power of any generations of graphics cards. Secondly, it is also vendor-neutral and will work across different brands as well. And most importantly, the concept and technology is already close to completion and has already been implemented by motherboard manufacturer MSI. So whether it is ATI and Nvidia, an eight-year-old GPU and this winter's model, the HYDRA will let users put all the available resources to work and with complete ease of use.


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