Thursday, December 24, 2009

Hardware website of the year 2009,

There are many tech and hardware-centric websites, numerous forums and more than enough directories. What there wasn't, however, was a single one-stop destination for all your gadget information needs. That is until Engadget folks Peter Rojas and Ryan Block launched the mashup website "gdgt" this summer. This site is a combination of social networking , forum, wiki and news aggregation for all gadgets of the world - a veritable Swiss Army knife of a hardware site. Users can discuss new and old gadgets, devices they've owned, used or wanted. All content is catalogued by device and is contextually relevant to users and their devices.
Comparison and tracking features allow users (similar or otherwise) and these features can help users decide on their next hardware purchase. As the website states, gdgt is" a place for you to engage with your devices and hang out with people who are as passionate about their gear as you are.


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