Thursday, December 24, 2009

Gaming console of the year; PlayStation 3 Slim

Although the Xbox has a great feature set and lineup of game titles, The playstation is still the Pakistani's preferred game console. This title would have gone to Xbox360, however, were it not for the fact that Microsoft went on a banning rampage last month and disconnected over a million X360s from the Xbox live communities on the premise of system modding; and modifying the console is how many gamers in pakistan get to play their games with live, which is half the appeal, Meanwhile the nintendo Wii had a great run internationally for the for the past year and a half, but failed to pickup steam in Pakistan. Now it's going stale and there is less of a reason for its adoption. On the flip side, Sony went ahead and re-introduced the Playstation 3 right before the holiday season, in a slimmer-some would say better-looking-design, including higher storage capacity and lower pricing. Now that's the spirit of the season.The PS3 slim is now available in the market for less than the price of the original for the same value. Granted, the listed price will make a dent in your wallet, but that's just a higher-end average.Gamers who shop around a bit and know there way around it can get great deals a little cheaper from retail.



  1. well there can be a debate before calling playstaion as the gaming console of the year...

  2. no i think it is the console of year 2009 now lets see if xbox beats it in 2010