Friday, November 12, 2010

Divide Your Gmail Inbox

At times, opening different tabs for your sent e-mails, drafts, chats etcetera, and constantly navigating between those tabs can be quite tiresome.

Multiple Inboxes, an inbox enhancement provided in Gmail Labs, enables you to see multiple views of your inbox on one screen. However, do remember that this feature does not allow you to view multiple Gmail accounts or multiple inboxes as a single webpage. Instead, it enables you to have one pane showing all incoming messages, one for starred messages, one for messages with a particular label, one for drafts, and so on. The feature can be activated on Gmail Labs page through the following steps;
1 While logged in to Gmail, click on Settings

2 Go to the "Labs" tab and check the enable checkbox for Multiple Inboxes.

3 After saving the changes, you will see the default three-panel view in your inbox To make changes to the default view, go to the Settings and click on the "Multiple Inboxes" tab that will now appear in the horizontal tabs list.

4 Make your desired changes from the options available; you can basically specify which folders should appear on each pane Even though it Is possible to divide your inbox to up to nine panes, it is recommended that you do not split it in more than four panes in order to keep things manageable.

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