Friday, April 17, 2009

Pakistan ranks 127th in global IT...

North european countries and south korea have the most advadanced telecoms and computer development in the world.Sweden came on the top of the international telecommunications union's latest 5 yearly index on computer development , followed by south korea which gains 2 places ,denmark, the Netherlands, iceland and Norway. All of 154 countries in the listing manage to improve their ratings in 2007- the most recent year of which statistics for all communications categories are available -with the exeption of 117th myanmar. The improvements were largely down to greater access-the availability of technology and infrastructure. However, use, which is often tied education or skill and individual wealth, was progressing at much slower rate, the ITU said.The top 20 list was dominated by high income countries in Europe ,North America and Asia in a largely unchanged pattern over 2002. Poor countries remain at lower end of the table with limited access to infrastructure for fixed or mobile telecom networks, internet and broadband, according to ITU.But are the worlds biggest mobile users. Several developing and emerging countries like saudi arab ,china,pakistan and vietnam ,were among the most dynamic areas of overall IT growth.Pakistan in 127th place was the fastest growing after it registered almost no coumpters access or usage 5 years earlier , the ITu said .By 2007, 8% of households had computers and internet penetration reached 10.7%.

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